Built on a 25 year foundation of working with the world’s most prestigious names in jewellery, our founder Nicola O’Reilly had been nurturing a long held dream to create an authentic, boutique brand.

Now, Nico Rua’s aim is simple — more than anything, we will create jewellery to reflect the style of every woman, of every age and life choice. Nicola chose our name with an acknowledgment of her Irish heritage as ‘Rua’ is Irish Gaelic for ‘Red’, which is also a lighthearted nod to her well known love of red lipstick!

Irish heart, English soul, global view, for every woman

Nicola has spent time living in London, Dublin and now Birmingham. The vibrancy, boldness and pace of change in the city is reflected in our desire to curate collections which move in step with current fashion and translate the catwalk to wearable pieces. Combining this with influences born from a passion for travel and experiencing new cultures, along with a love of the British and Irish countryside — we are constantly evolving to always bring something new and exciting to every season without compromising on quality and style. We’re serious about being an ethical and cruelty free brand with animal welfare and the environment a key consideration in what we do. We are constantly working to reflect these values, responsibly sourcing our jewellery.

We work with UK and European partners to reduce environmental impact and our packaging is made from recyclable materials; while all of our jewellery is free from leather, fur or other animal skin. There is always more we can do and we see this as an ongoing journey to be as ethical as possible.